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Turn Gym Prospects Into “Already-Sold” Members With Gymini, The Sales & Marketing CRM That Does All The Hard Work For You

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Gym, Clinic & Fitness Business Owners…

Let’s get real and talk about the relationship between software and running a successful fitness business.

Most fitness businesses use google sheets to track their leads. And while it works, it doesn’t “work” your leads for you… that is all on you and your team.

If you do happen to invest in software tools that automate things for you, you need to have a tonne of spare cash to pay for all the overpriced subscriptions and a mate who's a tech wizard to integrate it all together...

And most of the time, you still have to rely on guesswork and trial and error to turn leads into paying members, rather than having a dashboard that allows you to operate strategically with measurement, accuracy and precision. 

Signing on new members shouldn't be a time-suck

The old way


Duct taping software together

Let's face it, managing prospects and turning them into members for your gym is quite a task. You need to log into various software tools, track data from different sources, manually follow-up with each lead, and then use that data to strategise your sales. Every day. For every lead.

  • Log into multiple sales and marketing tools

  • Endlessly follow-up with each lead and potential member

  • Repeat the same tedious process for every prospect

Our way (the right way)


The right amount of automation

With Gymini, we take the stress out of your sales process. Simply incorporate your current sales approach into our system and we'll do the heavy lifting. Want a holistic view of your lead conversion progress? Our comprehensive pipeline shows you at a glance. Want to automatically nurture and book appointments? We can do that too!

  • Holistic view of all of your leads in one place

  • Nurture leads with pre-built templates and automations

  • Convert prospects into paying members with ease

Here is the truth…

There are three essential ingredients that you need to have to optimise your sales and lead process.

= A lead and sales system that will grow with you.

This is why so many of us are stuck in the ‘gym-tech conundrum.’



We don’t believe you need to be a Tech Wizard or Design Expert to have an effective, high-converting website that does its job and turns visitors into leads.

Problem is…

Most of us don’t have the confidence to do it ourselves, so we outsource to over-priced designers who don’t know the first thing about lead generation and we end up with a fancy, expensive website that doesn’t work…

Our solution…

Gymini comes with proven, high-converting website templates that make it easy to customise for your brand and its ridiculously simple to learn and use.



We don’t believe you should have to spend thousands of dollars a month on software tools to run a successful fitness business.

Problem is…

Tools can make the world of difference when they’re easy to use, talk to each other and are simple to integrate.

Our solution…

We’ve built an affordable, all-in-one software that replaces over a dozen tools you’re probably already using at a fraction of the price you’re already paying.



We don’t believe AI will ever fully replace human connection in the lead-to-sale process…


Taking advantage of the full power of automation (in the right places) makes sure that more leads turn up to your facility where you’re in the best position to “sell em”.

Our solution…

We make it easy to get the balance right between automation and the ‘human touch’ with pre-built workflows, automation and campaigns that keep your leads engaged, keen, and eager to start.

Gymini Is Everything You Need, All In One Place


For an all-in-one tool that will scale with you, you need 9 key foundational tools…

  • Sales and Pipeline Management

  • Lead Tracking and Attribution

  • Website & Funnel Builder

  • Membership & Course Portal

  • Email Automation

  • Communication hub

  • Calendar management for your team

  • Website Chat

  • Reporting

But most importantly,

these tools need to talk to each other and be accessible from just one dashboard (not nine different tabs).

Here’s The Good News…

Gymini features all nine of these foundational tools, AND… it’s powered by one dashboard, making this the most overpowered software for gyms, clinics and fitness centres on the planet…

Plus, it features one extra, secret “ingredient” that gives this software superpowers…

Core Foundation #1

Sales and Pipeline Management

How many leads have slipped through the cracks, forgotten to call you back, or ghosted you since you opened your business? Imagine how many more members would you have, if they were properly tracked and managed from the get go? Gymini’s Sales and Pipeline make sure your leads are all in one place, so you never lose track of a lead again.

Core Foundation #2

Lead Tracking and Attribution

Before you spend a dollar on paid advertising, you need to be able to track your leads so you know if they came from paid, organic or referral sources. Otherwise, you could literally, be pissing money into the wind. Gymini’s lead tracking and attribution will tell how the exact journey your leads took until the point they filled in your form and registered their interest.

Core Foundation #3

Website & Funnel Builder

You’ve probably been burned by a website designer who charged too much and delivered too little. Either that, or you did it yourself on the cheap but aren’t happy with the end result. Gymini’s website builder uses a simple drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for anyone to build a high-converting website, and with our premium templates included free of charge, you won’t ever have to hire a designer again.

(And yes, this website is built in Gymini, too!)

Core Foundation #4

Membership Area

One of the best ways to increase your price point, or add value to your current memberships is to create exclusive member areas where you deliver courses and educational content. Gymini’s membership area allows you to build unlimited courses video and text courses, and even use workflows to track progress and nurture the learning process.

Core Foundation #5

Email Marketing

One of the great advantages of having an email list is it’s something you own (unlike your IG followers or YouTube subscribers). Communicating with your list and turning prospects into members, or re-activating old members or patients is easy with our integrated email software that broadcasts with a click of a button.

Core Foundation #6

Communications Hub

In today’s world, different customers prefer to communicate with you in different ways – some like email, others like texting/DM, while others still prefer to call. Gymini includes texting, emails, phone calls (including call recording), voicemails and DMs, bringing them all together into one communications dashboard where you can see everything at a glance.

Core Foundation #7

Calendar Scheduler

Ever wanted to book in a lead for a tour, initial assessment or a phone call but had to check when your team was available first? Gymini’s integrated calendar syncs up with all the major calendar platforms so you can book calls, gym tours or meetings for you and your team without going back and forth with them first.

Core Foundation #8

Website Chat

Most gym and clinic owners are sleeping on the website chat. It’s the fastest way to turn interested website visitors into leads… by converting the chat into a text message conversation where you have their number. Gymini’s web-to-text chat provides an easy way to chat with website visitors while collecting their most important info – their phone numbers.

Core Foundation #9


Have you ever wished that you could get simple reporting, that tells you what you need to know? Our one-click reporting features allow you to find out exactly how many leads you’ve had, how many have converted and where they’ve come from, as fast as you can click your fingers.

But wait.. It gets better.

Gymini has a superpower…

and it’s responsible for saving gym and clinic owners upwards of tens of thousands of dollars…

Secret Superpower #10


Everything in Gymini is powered by automations, giving you virtually unlimited potential to customise the exact sales journey that’s perfect for you and your prospects. Plus, we include all the support you need during your onboarding process to build out your unique automations and workflows, saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to figure it all out yourself.












Plus, these exclusive bonuses:

Pre-built customisable templates, workflows and automations including:

  • 100+ pre-written email & SMS templates based on what’s CURRENTLY working for gyms, clinics & fitness businesses

  • 20+ workflows and automations including lead nurturing, appointment scheduling, no shows, anti-ghosting, review requests, referral requests workflows and more.

  • 3 Pre-built pipelines + automations customisable to your sales process and workflows

VALUE: $2997

Unlock Expert Mode with GymSchool (™),

the most insane free and exclusive bonus that gives Gymini an extra superpower:

  • Learn from some of the most trusted and respected gym owners in the world, and discover what they’re doing right now to stay ahead of the curve with paid ads, membership models, and everything in between.

  • Access to LIVE office hours most days of the week for free training and advice.

  • Exclusive community

  • The best customer support in the industry


VALUE: $497/m

Inside the Gymini Website Design Suite

Included with Your Gymini Membership subscription, you’ll also receive:

  • Gym Website Templates

  • Clinic Website Templates

  • MMA Website Templates

  • Lead Magnet Funnels with automation

  • Application Funnels with automation

  • More designs are added every month.

VALUE: $5000+

Plus (yes there’s more):

Get access to our three premium courses FOR FREE:

  • Turn otherwise boring emails into massive profit centres using our simple E.P.I.C framework

  • Get your hands on the E.P.I.C Cheat Sheets that make implementing this system "so damn easy to do"

  • Use the E.P.I.C formula and combine it with Gymini's advanced AI automation to literally create leads and sales on "autopilot"

  • Take all the guesswork out of email writing

  • Plus, learn how to incorporate ChatGPT to do all the leg-work for you... just input 6 prompts and press enter.

  • Increase website visitors by mastering paid traffic (without it breaking the bank)

  • Discover the three "must-have" google ads templates that will sky-rocket your search results.

  • Peak over our shoulder as we build out a custom campaign for a Gymini user

  • How to take the concept of "omnipresence" and make sure your ads show up everywhere... (for less than $5 a day).

  • How to track, measure and attribute leads with Gymini so you never have to wonder where you're leads are coming from

  • The three simple tricks to getting in Google's "good books" to boost your SEO rankings.

  • How to make sure you get the most out of every prospect you have by harnessing the power of "human-touch AI"

  • How a simple one-page canvas can give you insights into your customer you never thought possible...

  • Learn the meaning of the three-letter acronym C-O-B and how to master this framework to meet your customers, right where they are in every message and touch point you have with them.

  • Harness the full-power of Gymini by striking the perfect balance between automation and the human connection

  • Get prospect's "off the fence" with advancing closing frameworks.

So you’ll get all of this above when you become a founding member of Gymini…

For only $297/m

*Exclusive founding price for the first 297 members who join. Then, the price goes up to $497 so lock in your lowest rate before we raise the price.

Gym owners that were blown away by Gymini

Some of the biggest gyms in Australia use Gymini and have real success. And yes, those are real numbers.

Estimated Revenue

Earned Through Gymini*


*as of 01/09/2023

"Gymini's been so much better than any sort of marketing or software program that we have used before."

Estimated Return

On Investment*


*as of 01/09/2023

"the fact that it's all encompassing... It just makes it so much easier."

Value of Leads

Through Gymini*


*as of 01/09/2023

"The potential that we have using Gymini software is very exciting for us to explore... It saves me a lot of time."


Pipeline Value*


*as of 01/09/2023

"Gymini has been excellent to take that burden off my shoulders."

Running a successful gym is hard enough. Don't make it harder trying to duct-tape together an ever-growing of lead & sales tools that still don't do what you want it to.

All The Software Tools You Need To Grow Your Gym, All In One Place.

From advanced automation to customisable reporting

“Gymini has everything I need to track my leads, make more sales, and grow my gym”

All Your Leads In One Place, So You Never Lose A Lead Again

Know exactly where your leads came from and bring them all together in one central dashboard.

Every Interaction & Conversation Tracked In Plain Sight

Put every interaction and conversation you ever have with a prospect into one simple timeline for everyone to see so you never get your wires crossed.

Develop strong bonds with your prospects on autopilot with Advanced AI and automation workflows.

Power up your conversations with advanced email and text automation to customise the perfect prospect experience for your gym.

Know Exactly How Much Potential New Revenue Is Sitting In Your Pipeline

Track and see the value in each step of your sales pipeline so you can see exactly where your prospects are on their sales journey with you.

Track your social metrics, paid ad spend and access data insights all from your dashboard.

Bring together all your social and paid advertising metrics so you can see what’s working and what isn’t with a click of a button.

Make it Easy For Your Prospects To Become Leads With Gymini’s Web-To-Text Chat

Make it easier for your prospects to contact you with our web-to-text chat and skyrocket your sales opportunities. Try it out here in the bottom corner of your screen.

Review The Effectiveness of Your Sales Conversations With Our Built-In Voice Recording

Listen back to your sales conversation and pinpoint the key areas you and your team can improve.

State-of-the-art website builder, built in as standard

It’s never been easier to build a website that seamlessly integrates with all your sales and marketing tools using our proven high-converting templates. This website is built using our own software, and it’s pretty dope, right?

Manage all your social media from one place.

Plan, schedule and publish content to all of your social channels, track their performance in real-time, and immediately identify your top-performing content with custom reporting.

Get Answers With Surveys and Forms

Gymini’s lead and survey forms easily integrate into existing websites or our own website builder, giving you actionable insights and fresh perspectives.

One-Click Reporting & Analysis

Get an in-depth analysis of your leads, conversions, social metrics, ad spend, and return on ad revenue with a simple click of the button. All your leads and sales KPIs, right where you need them at the click of a button.

Video Testimonials

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John Doe

Founder of ABC Company

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John Doe

Founder of ABC Company

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John Doe

Founder of ABC Company


Yes, that's correct! Get a Gymini plan and you will have access to all features without any restrictions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for updates?

No! We give constant updates to our software, add new templates and you get it all for FREE! Because Gymini is on the cloud, when we make an update or add new features, they automatically show up in your account!

How long are your contracts?

There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use Gymini month to month, and cancel at any time you'd like!

Who helps me get started?

Nothing is worse than starting with new software and feeling you have no idea what you’re doing. That’s why we don’t do what normal software companies do – you aren’t forgotten about the moment you subscribe. In fact, it’s the opposite. 

We help you build everything out – your pipelines, workflows, and frameworks that make Gymini work. We charge a small fee for this, but it’s nothing in compared to the time you save, and the results you will get because your software suite works perfectly with each other.

Why is this so cheap?

Let’s let you in on an industry secret – maintaining software is not expensive… building it is. All the individual software companies have huge costs to recoup following the development of their software. Gymini comes in after, reverse engineers all the core features, and then centralises it into one dashboard. Gymini takes proven software, packages it together, and then saves you a tonne of money on individual subscriptions.

Why don’t you have contracts?

We don’t believe you should be paying for software if you can’t fully take advantage of it. Plus, Gymini is so feature-rich and replaces so much software, that we think it’s going to be the one subscription that you can’t live without. But, if we’re wrong about that, you can cancel it at any time with no fuss.

I don’t want to use your website builder. Will Gymini still work as intended?

Absolutely – Gymini integrates with any website builder in the world – WordPress, Squarespace, Wix… you name it. So if you choose to keep your own website (which makes total sense from a speed and deployment standpoint), we will still integrate everything for you and make sure it all works.

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

This is where Gymini stands on its own. We have live office hours every day – just jump online and we’ll work through any challenge you have over Zoom, right there and then. 

Do I have to install anything?

No. Not only do you not need to be a tech wizard, but we do it for you, anyway.

Who owns the data?

You do. You can access your client data at any time and download it as a CSV.

Can you set everything up for me?

Yes! We offer done for you setup & onboarding, for a one-time fixed fee. Schedule a demo to find out more about our setup & onboarding service.

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